EP. EC. Desmodus Lilac Cynthia DSM


Cynthia, re-baptised into Senta, is my Princess Charming.
On Sunday morning 23 August 1998 my friend flew over from Finland with 2 kittens; my Senta and her little sister meant to be hers.
Our intention was to introduce some fresh Siamese genes into the Netherlands in order to keep the breed healthy. Senta descended from lines that had hardly been used in Holland.

Senta is not just another cat. Occasionally in one's lifetime meeting a person or an animal is so radical, so intense, so close, and so unique that only such a creature is your great love.
Senta was bred by a very nice young Finnish couple to whom her mistress has become closely befriended. Their bond is such that each year a reason for a trip to Finland is conceived, just to meet each other and to be alone with my Senta.

It's mutual love, as Senta obviously enjoys her mistress' full attention, even though these trips are not that pleasant for her, as Senta is often left alone in hotel rooms while her adventurous mistress goes out.
Last summer we had many flights and were away for a long time. We didn't only go to Finland but also to Estonia. It was quite an adventure, perhaps a bit too much of an adventure.

In "Le Petit Prince" by Saint Exupéry the little prince is talking about friendship.
Then he meets the fox, asking him: "S'il te plaît …. apprivoise-moi? Qu' est-ce que signifie apprivoiser? Ça signifie: créer des liens. Mais, si tu m'apprivoises, nous aurons besoin l'un de l'autre. Tu seras pour moi unique au monde. Je serai pour toi unique au monde……..
On ne connaît que les choses que l'on apprivoise."


"Could you please tame me? What is taming? It means creating bonds. But once you have tamed me we can no longer live without each other. Then you will be unique to me in this world, and I'll be unique to you.
You only know the things you have tamed".
And so Senta is unique to me.




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Parents of Senta



Breeder from Finland, Sari Henriksson + Senta

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