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Around 40 years ago I started breeding Siamese cats. My cattery specialises in Foreign Whites (sia w 67), and I also breed Siamese in the classical colours; sealpoint (sia n), bluepoint (sia a), chocolate point (sia b), and lilac point (sia c).

Occasionally Oriental Shorthairs are born.

Apart from my breeding experience I have the following certificates:

- Veterinarian assistant
- Animal home and kennel manager
- And the certificates of the Tinley Institute course Behavioural Therapy for Cats
- Recognizing and understanding normal cat behaviour
- Medical causes and possible therapies for problematic cat behaviour
- Ethology and Problematic behaviour ;

The Garden

There are large outdoor runs at the front and at the back of the house, plus a balcony at the first floor especially fenced off for the cats. The cats can move freely in all parts of the house.

The cattery is based on the choice of good lines with no inbreeding. No studs are used which are known to pass genetic deficits. Health and character are the key issues, if necessary at the expense of the super extreme type.

Because of the breeding method sometimes a queen is imported to extend the cattery's gene pool.

Our paramount aim is to make this marvellous breed called Siamese healthy, and keep its representatives happy and healthy animals. The phrase "Improving the breed" is not in my dictionary.
All that's well does not require any human improvement.
My cats are as the Nature had in view.


“REVERENCE FOR LIFE” was Dr. Albert Schweitzer's device, and so mine is:

“A NATURE LOVER is he who feels internally connected with any living creature in nature. Empathy with all creatures is what truly makes any human being HUMANE".

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