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Erda and Jutta (my queens) say goodbye to kitten Kafka

Joeri (SIA n)
born July 1978

Rha-Ta-Nmy's Ostara (SIA N)
born March1984

IC Giselle Cappuccino (SIA c)
born November1989

One of our ancestress of the cattery who has passed the
sweet character to all her descendants in cattery Cappuccino.

In hands of judge Marianne Kuipers


IC Calvencade Cats Zoë (SIA n)
born June 1993

Herzeleide Cappuccino (SIA b 21)
born november 1999, † februari 2000

Nipped in the bud because
of an accident at home.

The beloved daughter of our Finish queen Senta.

She respects her name: "Broken Heart"

Joséphine Cappuccino (SIA b), daughter of Giselle
born August 1995

She was the sweetest queen at home. Besides she never argued and kept all cats under appeal and maintained order if neccesary.


IC Lulu Cappuccino

IC Lulu Cappuccino (SIA n)
born May 1996

A very elegant lady with sweep tail.

Lulu was a very apart lady. She went her
own way, and never worried about others.

Lulu was sick her whole life, and needed
to be taken care for.

Because she wanted to live
we kept fighting for her.

Our house is empty without Lulu.


My husband with Lulu




Born on 2 May 1998

On the 20th of June 2008 we conducted Senta to Paradise.

To get there, the journey was very long.

We tried everything to push the ultimate destination forward.

She wanted to survive but the incurable illness took all her strength.

We held tightly onto each other but alas……


“She passed away….like a silence,

Like a friendly silence who one  touch with very soft hands.

She passed away….. like a tear,

Like a tear of clear water

Falling slowly like a petal from a flower,

She passed away….. like a butterfly,

A golden butterfly

Flying upwards from the Cross above the stars.


                             ( Olivier Messiaen )


And like that, my “Little Prince”  ( St. Exupéry ) glided away.

The ties we created will remain for ever.

Senta is unique for me as I was for her.

It is true, we cannot live without each other



Farewell, mother Senta at the left, daughter Finlandia right




Viivi, mother of Senta
Owner Sari Henriksson





IC Finlandia Cappuccino (SIA a)
Born 2 October 2000




I.C. Freia Cappuccino (sia w67)

Born August 1998